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Marshland High School


Citizenship GCSE AQA

Studying Citizenship prepares students to become active citizens of democracy. Students will have opportunities to apply their learning to real-life scenarios on both locally and internationally.

Citizenship provides the opportunity for students to work individually to develop their own knowledge and encourages students to work with others taking part in group activities to bring about a change.

Students will gain knowledge of democracy, government and law, and develop the ability to create sustained, well balanced arguments.

Communication skills are increasingly sought after by employers: Citizenship will enhance students’ writing and speaking styles.

Course Content:

Politics and Participation

Here students will consider democracy and the workings inside of parliament.  They will look at issues both national and local and initiatives that have been put in place and consider if and how we as citizens can work to bring about political change. For further information on course content please click here.

Active Citizenship

Students will have the opportunity to consider what it means to be an active citizen and how we can investigate society.  They will conduct research of their own, alongside planning action. For further information on course content please click here.

Life in Modern Britain

Life in modern Britain, will develop key knowledge held by Marshland students about British values and what it means to be British.  Looking at the media and the impact it has on not only individuals but the wider society.  

Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities will look at the basic principles of law.  Students will look at the justice system alongside civil and criminal law and consider Human Rights and the support that they provide to individuals. 

To view the whole Subject Overview please click here.


This is a linear course and exams will take place in the summer term of Year 11.

Paper 1

Paper 2

Section A: Active Citizenship Section A: Life in modern Britain
Section B: Politics and participation Section B: Rights and Responsibilities
Written exam Written exam
1 hour 45 minutes 1 hour 45 minutes
80 Marks 80 marks
50% GCSE 50% GCSE