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Marshland High School

Curriculum Overview

Aims of the Curriculum

The aim of the curriculum is to focus on both the qualities and skills learners need to succeed in school and beyond. The curriculum should enable students to become:

  • successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society

Purpose of the Curriculum

The school is committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum that:

  • provides the core knowledge, understanding and skills to enable pupils to build upon Key Stage 2 and to support progression to the next stage of their learning once they leave the school
  • prepares learners at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life
  • promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of learners at the school and within society

The curriculum is organised within 50 periods per timetable cycle of two weeks. Each period is of 60 minutes duration.

For further details please see separate Curriculum Department section on this website or contact the Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for curriculum, timetable and exams on

Tutor Time 

We will be using form time to engage students in a variety of activities to help inspire and encourage them as they progress through the year. Please see the proposed timetable below:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Year 7 Literacy Careers Make it Stick Them and Us  Assembly
Year 8 Them and us Assembly Literacy Careers Make it Stick
Year 9 Make it Stick Them and us Assembly Literacy Careers
Year 10 Careers Make it Stick Them and us Assembly Literacy
Year 11 Assembly Careers Subject based Intervention Subject based Intervention Literacy