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Marshland High School

Careers Opportunities

School’s Careers Leaders:

Mr D Saunders

01945 584146

Mr D Stannard

01945 584146

Mr D  Hudson  Ms C Whitehouse

CEIAG makes a valuable contribution in the preparation of students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life by enabling them to make informed choices for post 16 education and training facilitating a successful transition from mainstream education to further education and employment.  At Marshland High School we work hard to provide the opportunity for students to speak to a careers advisor for up to date advice, provide opportunities to hear from Post-16, further education providers and other training providers to ensure they make the right choice for them. 

The careers programme can be found by parents, students, teachers and employers in the careers curriculum section below. 

Career Opportunities

At Marshland we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of high quality careers support.

We run a range of events throughout the year, which gives them the opportunity to build employability skills and confidence through having a “real-life” interview with a local employer, university or training provider. We also offer smaller events, often involving visitors from Further and Higher Education providers. Careers activities are also spread throughout various lessons during curriculum work, and woven in with school life in general.

We have links with both the UEA and the University of Lincoln, as well as being very closely involved with Springwood High School Sixth Form, where our students have guaranteed places. Springwood achieves some of the highest A-Level results in the county, with some achievements higher than local private schools.

Students will also get the chance to take part in Taster Days at Springwood or the College of West Anglia, who we also have a great relationship with.

 Year 11s receive continued personal support as they require it throughout the year whilst making their plans and applications. 

Character and Culture

Character and Culture education at Marshland High School  not only supports our core values but gives our students the knowledge, skills, and attributes they will need to prepare themselves for life and work in the future, building on key skills such as leadership, resilience and initiative. To view the full curriculum programme please click on the links below:

Character and Culture KS3 Curriculum Overview

Character and Culture Road Map

Careers Support

Thinking about the future begins early at Marshland High School and pupils start to receive careers advice and guidance  in year 7 right through to the end of their GCSEs.  This means providing a high-quality service to support current and prospective students through a reliable cross School/College

Parents and carers  pay a pivotal role in supporting and assisting their child in selecting their future career. We have put together a Careers Strategy and Game Plan to enable you to help your child  make informed decisions about the next steps after secondary and further education.

Our Careers Action Plan has been drawn up in line with the recent DfE guidance ‘Careers Strategy’ document (December 2017) we will continue to ensure that our students have access to high-quality support to make decisions about the next step that is right for them and to aspire to achieve their full potential. To achieve this aim, we will be using the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Benchmarks to
continue to develop our careers provision at Marshland High School. Our Careers Action
Plan for 2020 – 2021 is also based on these benchmarks, using the eight key principles to
drive our careers programme forward.

Our Career Game Plan sets out the key areas that will be cover during careers sessions held during Form Time and our Access Provider Policy.

To access these please click on the links below:


Additional Information 

Students, parents and teachers can also access careers information using unifrog:

In addition to destination data, we measure and assess the impact of our careers programme using the compass benchmark toolkit:

We encourage feedback from key audiences to ensure students receive appropriate careers provision.

 Next review of published information – August 2021