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Marshland High School


Reporting to Parents

At Marshland High School we have regular assessments of pupil’s knowledge through knowledge recall tests, more rigorous assessments through ‘Health Checks’ in Years 10 and 11, Two Assessments per year for Years 7, 8 and 9.  Additionally pupils in Years 10 have ‘End of Year Exams’ and Year 11 have Pre Public Exams (PPE’s). 

The dates for all parents’ evenings, assessments and reporting sessions can be found on the school calendar.

Reporting Calendar 2023/24
Y7 Reports Home   October 2023 and June 2024
Y8 Reports Home November 2023 and June 2024
Y9 Reports Home November 2023 and March 2024
Year 10 Reports Home  December 2023 and May 2024
Y11 Reports Home November 2023 and March 2024

During the course of the year, two reports about your child will be available on the Sims Parent App.  (Please  click here for information on how to access the Sims Parent App).  Within the report you will be able to see information about your child’s attendance and how this compares to the average attendance in the year.  The total number of Achievement points and Behaviour points will be shown along with an average score for pupils within the year.  Your child will be given an Attitude to Learning (ATL) grade for every subject using the following 4 scale d escriptors:




A highly motivated and ambitious student who consistently seeks advice, acts upon it and wants to be the best they can be. They will set themselves challenging goals and are surpassing Marshland’s minimum expectations.


A student who is seeking to do well and is making sustained progress. They are achieving Marshland’s minimum expectations and know what they need to do to improve further.


A student who understands what they need to do to improve and is capable of making improvement but is lacking the desire or motivation to make the change. Currently, this student is not achieving Marshland’s minimum expectations.


A student who is significantly below Marshland’s expectations. This student sees little value in setting personal goals and challenges.  They are unwilling to accept the help and support offered to realise their goals.  This is a serious concern which needs to be addressed.