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Marshland High School


The Humanities Department aims to cultivate the joy of discovery. Through our teaching of history, geography and Religious Education we delve into the past, the present and the future; we travel around the world from our classrooms; and we take the students to unknown places; we explore the world’s most important ideas.

Whilst promoting a thorough academic study of the subjects in the classroom, we also encourage the students to broaden their understanding with overseas trips – recent expeditions have included Iceland, Berlin, and fieldwork in the local area.

Key stage 3 (years 7 - 9)

Years 8 to 9 students are set according to ability whilst year 7 are taught within their form group.

Lessons are taught in separate lessons of Geography, History and Religious Education

Subject Year Periods a fortnight Curriculum Time
History 7 4 -
  8 3 -
  9 4 -
Geography 7 4 -
  8 4 -
  9 3 -
Religious Education  7 1 -
  8 1 -
  9 1 -

Key Stage 4

At KS4 students can opt to study Geography and or History. Students are taught in mixed ability classes. Religious Education is continued through their Skills for life lessons.