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Marshland High School

Problem with some parents receiving emails

The main method of parent  / school communications is via email. 

When we send email messages to parents, we use a bulk messaging facility within our SIMS system which sends messages via Capita servers and appears to be from address  

As many other schools use the same facility, thousands of email messages can be sent each week.  It appears that some email providers decide to classify these bulk emails as spam and choose to either reject the message, or deliver it to your spam/junk folder.  This is beyond our control.

To avoid emails going into your spam/junk folder, you can tell your email provider to not class the email address as spam.  Depending on provider, the setting may be known as "whitelist", "safe senders list" or a “rule” in settings.  Guidance should be available through your provider on how to change these settings.  Help for the two of the most popular providers, Gmail and Outlook, can be found at the end of this document.

Blocking of emails can be an intermittent problem depending on how many emails are sent by schools at the same time.  To avoid this problem in future, all we can suggest is to set-up a Google Mail (gmail) or Outlook account as your main contact email for messages from school.  If you choose to do this please email your new address to with parent name / student name / year group and we will update your details on our records.

Known providers intermittently blocking bulk emails include BT Internet, AOL and Sky

Gmail Settings

In Gmail you create a filter rule.

Online help can be found by clicking the Settings Cog and help within Gmail, and then typing “rule”.

Create a rule using an existing email found in your spam

  1. Open Gmail
  2. Go into your spam folder and select the checkbox next to the email sent from us
  3. Click More (3 vertical dots icon) at the top right
  4. Click "Filter messages like these"
  5. Click Create filter
  6. Tick the box "Never send it to spam"
  7. Click Create filter

Create a rule within settings

  1. Open Gmail
  2. Click the Settings Cog at the top right, then choose Settings from the list
  3. Click on the Filters and Blocked Addresses heading
  4. Click " Create new filter"
  5. In the from type
  6. Click Create filter
  7. Tick the box "Never send it to spam"
  8. Click Create filter


In you add addresses to a safe senders list

Online help can be obtained by clicking the question mark help search tool at the top right within and typing “safe senders”.

Add to safe senders list from an email in you spam

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go into your Junk Email folder and open the email from us
  3. Click More (3 horizontal dots icon) at the top right of the email
  4. Click "Add to Safe Senders"
  5. Click Ok to confirm

Add to the safe senders list in settings

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click the Settings Cog in the top right, then "View all Outlook settings" at the bottom.
  3. Click on "Email"
  4. Click on "Junk Email”
  5. Click "Add" under Safe Senders and Domains
  6. Add the address and hit enter
  7. Click "Save"