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Marshland High School

Tutor Time

Tutor Time 

We use form time to engage students in a variety of activities to help inspire and encourage them as they progress through the year.  Please see below the weekly timetables for each form:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

Form time covers the following aspects:


Students will read relevant texts that will discuss issues that relate to their year group, along with key PSHE topics. The tutor will read the book aloud and students will follow with a ruler. The tutor will then lead a discussion about the themes within the text. Students will also look at the word of the week in the Literacy tutor lesson.


Students will be shown how to access Unifrog which helps them to make informed decisions about careers and pathways to different careers including sixth form, college, apprenticeships and universities. In year 7 students will look at key competencies including; leadership, organisation, resilience and initiative. Year 8s start to look at the options they can take at GCSE and the key competency of communication. In 9 students will look at further developing key competencies and well-being. Year 10 and 11 will look at the application process, the world of work, volunteer opportunities, post 16 choices and decisions.

Students in KS3 will have the opportunity to achieve a Core Values Hero award, which recognises students who have developed and evidenced the school Core Values.

Make it stick

Students work through a five week rotation top include; how do we learn, spelling quizzes, numeracy challenges, subject specific knowledge retrieval quizzes and student presentations.

Them and Us

Students work through activities linked to our School Core Values and British Values. Students will also develop an understanding and develop skills that promote kindness, living without harm and respect for themselves and others.

In addition, students in year 11 also receive subject based intervention in different subject areas.