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St Clement's

High School



House Leader – Ms D Benson

House Captains                    Adele Case and Abigail Cooper

Vice-Captains                        Isobel Cooper and Katie Duncan

House Officials                      Tempany Parish and Emily Ashton

Sports Captain                       Charlotte Clarke

Vice Sports Captains         Kizzy Moxey               Ryan Jackson
                                                         Charlie Hyde              Shanley O’Shea
                                                         Evie Emmett               Donatas Verikas

About Gainsborough House

Gainsborough as a House is very focused on giving something back to the community.  Every year we look for new ways to support others both in and out of school.   We work towards the development of character and ‘being the best that we can be’.

Previously Gainsborough House ran a cake sale in aid of Children in Need and raised £201 which was a truly impressive amount for just one House.   

Alongside understanding the value of community, in Gainsborough we work to recognise the importance of lifelong learning and not letting a day pass by wasted.  Our weekly assemblies are motivating and inspiring with quotes such as ‘What do you know today that you didn’t know yesterday?’ and ‘You have only failed if you have given up.  Until then it’s called learning.’