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St Clement's

High School


 The drama department aims to encourage and develop the potential of every student. Our work in drama focuses on creativity, building confidence, an understanding of values and cultural change as well as knowledge about drama forms and history. It provides opportunities for teamwork, debate, analysis and evaluation but will also provide enjoyment and an interest in drama and theatre. Students make and perform their own work based on themes and issues which are chosen to engage and stimulate. The department is led by an experienced drama specialist.

Year 7

Students are introduced to the basic drama working skills such as team work, co-operation and the need for commitment, communication and concentration. They focus on techniques such as freeze frame, hot seating, flash back, devil and angel and teacher in role. Some of the issues and themes explored are 3C’s and T, Elizabethan theatre, Bullying, World War 2 and physical theatre.

Year 8

The skills and techniques of Year 7 are consolidated and extended with students exploring such themes as runaways, masked theatre and Horror, as well as theatre genres and practitioners such as Stanislavski, T.I.E and Brecht. Improvisation, characterisation, staging and spatial awareness are all explored in greater detail.

Key Stage 4

Year 9,10 and 11 student will Study Eduqas GCSE Drama, a course which allows them to explore different aspects of drama and practical exploration. The 40% coursework element of the examination will be split into 10% practical - where students create their own performance and 30% written coursework based on the creation of their performance and an evaluation of it. The other 60% will be achieved through 2 examinations, 40% from a written paper and 20% from a scripted performance to a visiting examiner.