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Marshland High School

New School Uniform: Headteacher Statement

Following media coverage of our school uniform consultation and the reaction of a few parents on social media, we are keen for all parents to read the full statement of our headteacher, Craig Jansen.

School uniform plays an important part in communicating our school ethos and expectations. Wearing the school uniform correctly demonstrates a student’s respect for their school and for others, and contributes towards good school discipline. It teaches students to take pride in their appearance.

Currently there are significant inconsistencies in the trousers and skirts that are worn. This inconsistency is in part due to a wide range of commercially available black trousers and skirts. This makes it very difficult for staff, parents and students to understand and agree what does, and does not meet school expectations. 

Our school started a wide-spread consultation with our stakeholders last summer. We have engaged prospective parents from our feeder primaries, existing parents, our parents’ forum, governors, staff and our students. This consultation ends on the 4th November 2019.

Introducing a change to the uniform with consistency to the trousers and skirts worn eliminates the potential conflict arising over suitability.  This allows teachers and students to concentrate on teaching and learning.

Most, if not all, local secondary schools have chosen a blazer / jacket to be part of their school uniform. At events, where students come together from schools across the area, the difference in uniform is evidently felt by our students. 

Some students have commented that they feel their uniform is in some way ‘inferior’ to that worn by students from other schools. The addition of a ‘blazer’ or ‘jacket’ will help our students to feel a greater sense of equity, and will help their social confidence.

Following the consultation, if any changes are made to the uniform they will be phased in. The school fully understands the financial pressures faced by some of our parents.

Any change to the uniform would be subsidised by the school for all parents, ensuring it remains affordable. In addition, our school will provide up to a further 75% contribution to any remaining cost for those families that need further financial assistance, depending on their circumstances.

Having been judged as a Good School by OFSTED in June 2018, these proposals to improve our uniform contribute to our vision to raise standards and aspirations for our students.

We want to hear from all parents. The consultation will remain open until 9am on Monday 4th November 2019. Comments should be emailed to: