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St Clement's

High School


Year 7

Map ReadingMap Skills

The first term in Year 7 Geography is dedicated to developing basic map skills such as using an atlas effectively and grid references. Students also practice research and source analysis skills which will aid them in further studies of the subject.


Students will then move on to look at how agriculture, weather and climate are linked. They will examine how farming is an industry which is reliant and shaped by the natural world. The continent focus for this module is Europe.

Challenging Cities

Students examine city life through the continent of South America. They will examine what cities are like, the everyday issues and the challenges cities face, particularly from natural hazards.

Year 8

MekongMekong River

Students will begin Year 8 by examining the mighty Mekong River of South East Asia. They will understand how rivers work, and how they help create the opportunities and hazards for humans.

Sonora Desert

Students then go on to study the Sonora desert of North America, how desert features are formed, and how plants and animals adapt to living in the harsh desert conditions.


Students examine different environments of Oceania, in particular the Glaciers of New Zealand. They will explore the natural side of mountain environments and how humans use them, often for tourism.

Year 9


Students begin Year 9 by examing how and why different countries are at different states of development. They then move on to examine how development and trade is changing as the world becomes more globalised.

The continent focus for this module is Africa.


Students then move to examine the World's most extreme and untouched wilderness, Antarctica. They investigate how the continent is opening up to research and tourism, and how the Antarctic Treaty is attempting to protect and preserve the area.

Island Nation

Students use everything they have learnt in Geography over the past 3 years to create and develop their own nation. Students make the tough decisions that running a country requires. Pacts, trade deals, natural disasters and even war threaten their beloved island homes...

Key Stage 4 - Edexcel 'B' Geography

Earthquakes and volcanoes, climate change, water use and management, biomes, coastal change, population change, living spaces, consuming resources, changing cities, the world of work.

25% Controlled assessment

25% Decision making paper

50% Exam