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Marshland High School

KS3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Increasing flexibility allows schools to provide more personalised pathways, particularly through the 14-19 curriculum, and increasingly within Key Stage 3. It is important that these pathways do not become early corridors and turn into a form of streaming, thereby restricting students’ choice and their opportunity to achieve.

There is no one curriculum organisation which fits all, but a flexible, supportive, challenging learning environment will maximise the potential of students. Objective tests and information from primary schools are used to estimate the abilities of students on entry to Marshland. Year 7 students complete tests shortly after joining the school as a source of benchmark data. This range of information is used to place students in teaching groups. Regular assessment and monitoring of student performance ensures that students are able to be moved to a more appropriate teaching group should it be felt necessary. During Key Stage 3 students will also be given careers and subject advice and guidance in preparation for choosing their options for KS4.

In each year all students will study the following subjects:

If a parent wishes to withdraw their child from Culture and Belief lesson they should in the first instance write to the Head teacher and request a meeting to discuss the issue

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